DraftKings Bettors Miss Bets As Herbert Fails To Throw A Touchdown Pass

Written By Stephanie Wood on October 18, 2022

Yesterday Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert’s touchdown streak ended. Out of his 57 pass attempts against the Denver Broncos, none of them led to a touchdown. 

Bettors had every reason to believe that — and bet on — Herbert would throw a touchdown. He had done so in 36 of 37 starts before Monday’s game. BetMGM showed that 65% of bets placed expected Herbert to throw more than 1.5 touchdowns. 

DraftKings ran a special promotion, boosting Herbert’s odds to throw just a single touchdown from -800 to +100. Of course bettors jumped on the chance to get in on the bet. For some, the bet amount was limited to $15 or $25, but the limit varied between bettors. Fans on Twitter said that other people had bets that went up to $250. 

We reached out to DraftKings, which confirmed that the limits varied by bettor without specifying what the higher end of the boost reached. The company didn’t have any further comments. However, for Massachusetts-based DraftKings, the boost was a win. While it’s too early to know how much was bet on Herbert throwing a touchdown in last night’s game, not having to pay out any winnings certainly won’t hurt DraftKings’ revenue for the month.

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Fan Reactions to the Boosted Touchdown Odds

Bettors had lots of different ways to deal with the shock of Herbert not throwing for a single touchdown. From breaking down the incredible analysis of Herbert attempting 57 passes without a touchdown, to joking about the person who thought up the bet to asking for their money back, fans were vocal online.

Other fans jumped to the conclusion that the game must have been rigged. After all, this was only the second game of Herbert’s career where he didn’t throw a touchdown pass and the first game since the 2020 season. However, the game was dominated by defense. Herbert was sacked twice, and the Chargers brought down Broncos’ Russell Wilson four times. A massive 19 penalties were called during the game, making it difficult for either offense to find a rhythm.

This game might have ended in a tie if not for a Broncos’ muffed punt in overtime that set up a short field for Dustin Hopkins to seal the win for the Chargers. It just happened to be a bit of bad luck for fans that Herbert missed his chance to continue his touchdown streak and a little reminder that even a “sure bet” might not be a sure thing.

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