NHL Player Prop Odds

NHL Player Prop Odds

Hockey is big in the Northeast, and the Boston Bruins have a large and passionate following in Massachusetts.

Now that sports betting in Massachusetts is legal—both in person and online—Bruins fans in the state, and hockey fans in general, can get in on the action by placing prop bets on NHL games. Most NHL fans are already familiar with tracking player trends and stats from playing daily fantasy sports (DFS). NHL player prop bets give you the chance to take that knowledge over to the sportsbook so you can bet on the game within the game.

This page will break down the latest live NHL player props and how to bet them at legal sportsbooks in Massachusetts.

NHL player props

As opposed to betting on the game as a whole, NHL player props have to do with a specific aspect of a game.

The NHL player prop market at Massachusetts sportsbooks is not as vast as other sports like the NFL or NBA, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options. Popular NHL player props include goalscorer, shots on goal, points, and saves. Bettors can bet on the over or under for these statistical categories.

Overall, hockey fans in Massachusetts have a lot to be excited about when it comes to the player prop betting market. Use our search tool below to find the best NHL player prop bets from top Massachusetts sportsbooks.

Betting NHL player props in Massachusetts

Currently, in-person player prop bets must be placed at three Massachusetts casinos: MGM Springfield, Encore Boston Harbor and Plainridge Park Casino. All three of these facilities offer NHL prop bets. When placing bets in person, make sure to keep track of your ticket/bet slip. You won’t be able to claim your winnings without it!

MA mobile betting apps are now available as well, so sports fans in Massachusetts can place NHL prop bets (and all bets) from the comfort of their own homes. You can browse through NHL betting odds on all Massachusetts sportsbooks. To get started, you need to find a sportsbook, sign up, and download the app. Don’t forget to claim any available MA online sports betting bonuses.

Once you open an account and make your first deposit, you are ready to begin placing bets. From there, check out individual games that interest you to see what prop bets are available.

Betting NHL player props online in Massachusetts

You can bet NHL player props in Massachusetts both online and in person. As for the more flexible online variety, here are some of the biggest and most popular sportsbooks available in the Bay State for NHL player props.

  • BetMGM MA Sportsbook: BetMGM is known for having a wide range of options for bettors to explore, including a huge menu of NHL player props. The betting platform is filled with features, and there’s a regular selection of promos to check out including boosts on props for star players.
  • Caesars Massachusetts: The Caesars platform is on the simple side when it comes to appearance, but it still packs a punch. There are plenty of player prop options to explore daily – along with lots of other bet types for each NHL game on the docket – as well as regular odds boosts for props and other bet types.
  • DraftKings MA: The MA-based sportsbook is a go-to spot for scores of bettors. It’s easy to see why as this is one slick and smooth platform. There are plenty of different features to explore with one of the top highlights being its layout of available NHL player props. There’s no hunting and pecking required to find what you want.
  • FanDuel MA: FanDuel is home to several smash hit innovations like its popular same-game parlays. Beyond betting on all of the top NHL player props individually, you can tie them together with other wager types to take your chances at even greater potential returns.
  • PointsBet: Known for regularly having competitive lines and its intriguing PointsBetting feature, PointsBet is a preferred option for many savvy bettors. The menu of options runs really deep here as well, so you’ll have little trouble finding the best available NHL player props on a daily basis.

Best NHL player props

The most popular prop bets for NHL players revolve around the major stats. For skaters, that means goals, assists, and points, while goalies get some love via saves. Here’s a look at some of the player props that tend to attract the most action.

Single-game NHL player props

  • Anytime goalscorer: Bet on a player or players to score a goal at any time during the contest. If they put the biscuit in the basket, you win.
  • Player to score first or last goal: There are often very favorable odds to be found for projecting out who will score the first or last goal in the game.
  • To score multiple goals: If you think a breakout is coming in the form of a multi-goal game for a specific player, take your chances here.
  • Player assists: You can also tack a crack at player assists, either as a simple Yes/No option or as an Over/Under on a benchmark number.
  • Total points scored: Players tally a point for every goal and assist they’re responsible for. You get to choose Over or Under on their projected amounts for the game.
  • Goalie saves: The starting goalies will have a bar set by the sportsbook on saves. It’s on bettors to solve the Over/Under question on that number.

The exact options may vary by sportsbook, but the top shops typically have all of the above options available. Other NHL player props that you may come across include hits, shots on goal, power play, penalty kill points, and goalie shutouts.

When first starting out with NHL player props, the basics of goals, points, and saves make for a great starting point. Once you get the hang of those, you can always dig deeper into the menu to find what works best for you.

Best season-long NHL player props

NHL props are also available on a season-long basis. These are futures bets that require a long-range perspective as they won’t be settled until the outcome is known. The top markets revolve around major player awards, including:

  • Hart Memorial: The NHL’s regular-season MVP award.
  • Vezina: Best goaltender for the season.
  • James Norris: Top all-around defenseman.
  • Calder Memorial: NHL’s version of the rookie of the year.
  • Rocket Richard: Goes to the NHL player with the most goals for the season.

These are also bets on player stats that you can browse. Some books will offer options on individual players, while others will focus on the league leaders in key categories such as goals, points, and goalie wins. Season-long player props can be lucrative when you make the right call, and they’re also a fantastic way to ramp up rooting interest.

Where to find NHL player props in your sportsbook app

Where to find NHL player props

All of the top sportsbooks have an easy-to-use design. To find the game you are looking for, click on the site’s link for hockey or the NHL.

For example, the BetMGM app has an NHL link at the top and a hockey link on the left side of the page. After you click either, all of the available games will appear.

Each individual game should then have a clickable “all wagers” link or something similar, depending on the sportsbook. When you click it, you’ll see all of the other available options, including props. When you’re ready to bet, just click the odds for your choice.

From there, it goes onto the betting slip where you’ll have to add in your stake. The sportsbook will show your potential return right there. If all looks good, you click to place the bet, but you can also adjust your stakes or add or remove bets as needed.

How to read odds for NHL player props

The odds for player prop bets will vary based on the wager itself. There are player props with two choices, such as over/under on the number of points a player will score. There are also props with multiple options, like the first player to score a goal in a game.

The former is a basic two-sided prop. You’ll see plenty of bets like this for your average NHL game. The odds will be similar to what you would see in a simple Bruins moneyline bet.

  • How many total points will Brad Marchand score?
    • Over 0.5 -170
    • Under 0.5 +135

In this bet, the negative number indicates that the oddsmakers like Marchand’s chances of getting a point. So, if you are confident that he won’t, you have favorable odds because the oddsmakers don’t believe he’ll finish with zero.

There are also props with multiple choices to consider. Props of this nature will typically be listed out with the favorites up top, longshots on the bottom, and other options in the middle.

Before placing your NHL player prop bets, remember that the odds can vary by sportsbook. Be sure to take the time to shop around and get the best possible return for your winning wagers.

Sportsbook rules for NHL player props

Betting on NHL player propsFor NHL player prop bets, here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Sportsbooks use official league data and statistics to settle all prop bets.
  • If a team rules a player out before a game, sportsbooks will pull props involving that player off the board.
  • Sportsbooks will not otherwise consider injuries or playing time in the settlement of wagers.

Bettors are responsible for knowing the rules for NHL hockey betting, so be sure to take some time to review them so you don’t get blindsided down the road. For another tip, if you’re ever iffy on the status of a player heading in, take a pass and don’t speculate.

How to use NHL fantasy stats to pick NHL player props

Using every resource available can give you an edge when your instincts aren’t working. For example, a player is more likely to score facing a third-string goaltender than a Vezina finalist, so it’s important to know the matchups. Here are some other things to keep an eye on:

  • Playing time: More time on the ice usually means a greater opportunity to collect stats. Knowing a player’s role, health and teammates’ health can be an indicator of how often that player will be on the ice and in what role.
  • Streaks, trends and history: Players go through slumps and hot streaks throughout the season. A player on a hot streak going into a game where you expect a lot of scoring is probably a better option for an anytime goal bet than a player on a cold streak. Some players also tend to do better against certain opponents than others, so knowing a player’s matchup history and trends against certain foes can be helpful.
  • Recent play and season-long output: A player who is averaging a point per game throughout a season is usually a more likely candidate to score on any given night. Consistency is much easier to bet on than someone who scores occasionally.