Survey: 17 Weirdest Superstitions Of Massachusetts Sports Fans

Written By Matthew Bain on April 18, 2023
Survey on weirdest Massachusetts sports fan superstitions, from

In a survey conducted by Play MA, 600 sports fans in Massachusetts shared the most unorthodox sports superstition either they or someone they know has.

Some said they didn’t have any bizarre superstition, which … well we don’t know whether to believe that.

Plenty said they do some sort of prayer. And others answered with some of the tried-and-true superstitions you most often hear about — wearing a rally cap or a team jersey, growing out their hair and playing “Sweet Caroline” for Red Sox games.

But there were some pretty off-the-wall answers, too.

Here are the 18 weirdest superstitions Massachusetts sports fans shared in the Play MA survey.

10 jumping jacks before each game

Excellent choice. A fool-proof way to ensure your team wins, and you burn some calories.

Get gas every day

You definitely want to make sure your game day watch parties involve this sports fan. If you need any last-minute snacks or drinks, you know their tank will be full and they can jet over to the store really quick.

My uncle wears the same exact patriots shirt every single time they play. He won’t even get two of the same.

Lots of respondents answered with some sort of same-clothes-every-game type of superstition. The level of commitment to not even get a second duplicate shirt — and this person’s apparent shock at their uncle’s unwillingness to do so — stand out.

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Wear the same unwashed socks while watching every game

Actually, this one stands out too. Keep those socks locked up in an air-proof container, please.

Turns off the TV when they are losing and watches it on their computer.

Now this is a cool superstition because it’s relatively new. Tell a sports fan from the 1970s to do this and they’ll look at you like you’re crazy. A true 21st Century superstition — switching between TV and online viewing to sway the result of a game.

Love it.

Keeps a feather under their pillow the night before a game

Forget the tooth fairy. This fan believes in the … Magical Baseball Bird? The one that rewards your team with a win if you return put one of its feathers under your pillow? Don’t tell me you haven’t read the children’s rhyme.

They recite the Reverse the Curse over and over for about two minutes.

The sports fans this respondent is referring to sound like they could form their own cult if the baseball fandom thing doesn’t work out. And, wait, wasn’t the curse reversed when the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004?

Stand in the kitchen to watch the hockey game!

This is a refreshing tactic. Switch it up. Obviously, the universe isn’t happy about you being comfortable on your couch watching the game. You must stand and suffer. Only then will the Bruins beat the Rangers.

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Burn incense

This fan also runs an in-home spa. We think.

I lay out sports cards and other memorabilia on my coffee table every game.

Not only does this unorthodox superstition take organization and commitment, it also could serve as the groundwork for a bustling side gig. Hey, come watch the game at my house — and by the way, everything on my coffee table is for sale.

They can’t watch Red Sox games on the 5th inning and would get up and go to the bathroom/grab food when they are at Fenway.

There may not be a better superstition on this list. This fan is so spiritually allergic to fifth innings that they actually refuse to watch even when they’ve paid a whole bunch of money to spend a few hours at Fenway Park.

The commitment here is admirable. But … one wonders when the Yankees will score eight runs in the fifth inning one day and scar this fan into changing course? Perhaps the fourth inning is off limits after that.

We hung mascots all over the walls and offered them food

Treating fake creatures that often strike fear in the heart of children as some kind of mascot deity that demands sustenance?


Drink green beer when Celtics play

Turns out this isn’t just a St. Patrick’s Day thing. At least not in Boston.

Water glasses filled on coffee table

Hey, watching your favorite team is stressful. Stress causes sweat. Too much sweat can cause dehydration.

But lo and behold, this fan doesn’t have to worry about that. Genius.

Dress as a patriot during games

Unfortunately, this response did not come with a photo submission.

No showers during playoffs

Stay away.

It’s so embarrassing I don’t want to talk about it

Oh this is such a tease.

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